Class FedoraFixity

    • Constructor Detail

      • FedoraFixity

        public FedoraFixity()
        Default JAX-RS entry point
      • FedoraFixity

        public FedoraFixity​(String externalPath)
        Create a new FedoraNodes instance for a given path
        externalPath - the external path
    • Method Detail

      • getDatastreamFixity

        public RdfNamespacedStream getDatastreamFixity()
        Get the results of a fixity check for a path GET /path/to/some/datastream/fcr:fixity
        datastream fixity in the given format
      • options

        public options()
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        public get()
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        public post()
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        public put()
      • patch

        public patch()
      • delete

        public delete()